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The Dokkum region borders in the north on the Wadden Sea and therefore has a rich and exceptional natural environment. The most important nature reserves lie in the area along the coast and near to the Lauwersmeer area. The Wadden Sea and the Lauwersmeer area are internationally recognised nature reserves. The nature reserves contain bicycle and hiking paths, so that you can experience the magnificent nature from close by.

Lauwersmeer National Park

On the border of Northeast Friesland lies the Lauwersmeer National Park; a beautiful nature reserve. When you visit the Lauwersmeer, it is almost impossible to imagine that until the 1970's the seawater still battered against the dikes.

You can enjoy the magnificent nature in the Lauwersmeer area. Walking along routes of the Dutch Forestry Commission, cycling over one of the many cycle paths through the area and sailing with the boat across the lake. The various bird watching huts in the area are highly recommended. From such a bird watching hut you can watch birds from very close by, without disturbing them.

Characteristic landscapesSchaapjes

With an imposing Wadden Coast and an expansive clay and hilly landscape the Dokkum region has a great deal to offer the nature and landscape tourist. The salt marshes and hills on which habitation arose, the dikes, the characteristic farmhouses and the many landscape elements such as kolks, boils and duck decoys are certainly worth the effort for the nature and landscape tourist.

Wadden region

The Wadden region stretches from the north coast of the Netherlands to Denmark. With around 50 islands, a long coastal strip and a great diversity of animal species this region is regarded as one of the largest and most beautiful nature reserves of Europe. A part of this region can be found in the vicinity of Dokkum.

Walks across the mud flats are organised from various locations in the vicinity of Dokkum. Walking across the mud flats is a unique sport, which is enjoyed in magnificent natural surroundings. The combination of physical effort and beautiful nature has made walking across the mud flats a much loved activity. Splendid cycle rides and walks can be made along the dikes.

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