The Wadden Sea, the Lauwersmeer and the Ee determine the water-rich character of the Dokkum region. During the water sports season the canals of Dokkum are a favourite spot for many boating enthusiasts. It is always pleasantly full.Recreatie Dokkum
The visitor, who loves action, finds everything to suit him on the west bank of the Lauwersmeer. There is surfing, sailing and rowing. There is also swimming, for instance, on the beach at Oostmahorn. The Oostmahorn harbour, the "Dokkumer Nieuwe Zijlen" lock and Lauwersoog are well known and popular water sport locations.

BinnenstadA pleasant shopping experience

Dokkum is a bustling place, perfect for a day's shopping. A wide variety of shops in the charming old streets and along the canals offer pleasant shopping possibilities. The town centre has many interesting boutiques and specialist shops, but also various well-known national chain stores. Once a week on Wednesdays a market is held in the market square "de Markt" in Dokkum.

And after a day's shopping there are ample opportunities for a drink or a meal in the numerous hotels, restaurants, welcoming pubs, bars and outdoor cafes.


Every year various events take place in the Dokkum region. The town festivals, the annual day of the tourist and the various "elfstedentochten" (ice skating races through 11 cities) attract many interested visitors to the region every year. Fairs and other small-scale events are regularly organised.

'Elfsteden' (11 cities) turning pointelfstedentocht

Many people know where Dokkum lies because of the "Elfstedentocht". When the participants call in at the eleventh city, Dokkum, after a tiring journey from Leeuwarden, they arrive at the Kleindiep in the centre of Dokkum. The Kleindiep lies between the town hall and the Zeldenrust windmill. The skaters have to pass under the arched bridge (the Bontebrug) to collect their stamp from Dokkum. Because the skaters turn around here to skate the last stage to Leeuwarden, this is often referred to as the turning point. At the turning point benches have been placed in the shape of a Friesian skate.

Esonstad; a combination of historical style and modern day comfort

The new Esonstad recreation park near Oostmahorn is built on a site where according to the chronicles from the early Middle Ages a mighty town once stood. According to legend at the location where the Lauwerszee and the Wadden Sea meet each other there was a town with a couple of hundred houses, a strengthened wall and a moat to thwart attacks from the Normans. It has never been proven that this town actually existed. However, the legend is so strongly embedded with the people in the surrounding areas that a new water sport town in an historical style has been built on this location.

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